Below you can find the most frequently asked questions and answers.

How to place an order and how is it carried out?

Step 1 – Your requirements

Give us your requirements in one of the following ways:

  • Project based on an existing website

    Send us an existing website in HTML, CSS and JavaScript files, or if the website is publicly available on the internet, send us the URL, as a reference. You may also choose a reference theme from templatemonster.com or allwebcodesign.com.

  • Project based on a graphic file

    Send us a reference graphic file showing the expected appearance of the website.

  • Project created from scratch

    Specify your favourite colours, subject of the website, and send us materials that may help with the project, if you have any. On the basis of the received materials, we will provide you with suggestions for the website appearance.

The cost of the order is closely related to the way how you present your requirements. The projects based on an existing website are lowest priced (from €800), while the ones created from scratch are most expensive (from €2500).

When you give us your requirements, we will suggest a deadline and final price of the project for your approval.

Step 2 – Order fulfilment

When the conditions are approved, we start to work on the project. While carrying out the order, we often need additional information, therefore we will probably ask you different questions to clarify any issues.
When the order is almost finished, we will send you an URL
to an APEX application using the theme that we are building for you.

At the end of this step, we perfect the project to include any changes and corrections that you suggest. We work on the project until it is mutually accepted.

Step 3 – Payment and delivery of the theme

After approval, we will e-mail an invoice for you to make the payment (bank transfer or PayPal).

When we receive the payment on our account, we immediately send you all necessary theme files and detailed instructions for implementation. We provide our support for one month from that date.

What are the conditions of the licence?

Paid themes

When you buy a theme from us, you can use it in one of your or your customer's applications. If you want to use the same theme again, you must pay an additional 25% of the original price.

Free themes

You may use the free themes available on our website without limitations, including commercial use.

General reservations

The following reservations apply to both "Paid themes" and "Free themes":

  • you may not provide access to or sell the themes using your own or your customers' data carriers (floppy disc, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, USB flash drive etc.),
  • you may not provide access to or sell the themes through your own or your customers' websites,
  • you may not remove from the theme any trademarks or texts identifying its creator,
  • you may not edit the themes, and then publish or sell them.

What is an Oracle APEX theme?

Oracle Application Express theme is a set of templates that determine the appearance of an Oracle APEX application. Each theme contains nine types of templates:

  • page templates,
  • region templates,
  • label templates,
  • list templates,
  • popup LOV templates,
  • calendar templates,
  • breadcrumb templates,
  • button templates,
  • report templates.

A specific class may be assigned to each of the above-mentioned types, to create a template variant. This means that a button, region or other element of the application can take one of the template variants.

What does each theme contain?

Each theme contains a set of templates of a certain class. The following classes are available:

    Button, Alternative 1
    Button, Alternative 2
    Button, Alternative 3


    No Label
    Optional Label
    Optional Label w/ Help
    Required Label
    Required Label w/ Help


    No Tabs
    No Tabs w/ Sidebar
    One Level Tabs
    One Level Tabs w/ Sidebar
    Printer Friendly
    Two Level Tabs
    Two Level Tabs w/ Sidebar




    Calendar, Alternative1
    Small Calendar


    Button List
    Horizontal Images w/ Label List
    Horizontal Links List
    Pull Down Menu
    Pull Down Menu w/ Image
    Tabbed Navigation List
    Vertical Images List
    Vertical Ordered List
    Vertical Sidebar List
    Vertical Unordered List w/ Bullets
    Vertical Unordered List w/o Bullets
    Wizard Progress List
    Hierarchical Expanding
    Hierarchical Expanded


    Horizontal Border
    One Column Unordered List
    Standard, Alternating Row Colors
    Value Attribute Pairs




    Borderless Region
    Bracketed Region
    Breadcrumb Region
    Button Region w/ Title
    Button Region w/o Title
    Chart Region
    Form Region
    Hide and Show Region
    List Region w/ Icon
    Navigation Region
    Navigation Region, Alternative1
    Region w/o Buttons and Title
    Region w/o Title
    Report Filter - Multi Row
    Report Filter - Single Row
    Reports Region
    Reports Region 100% Width
    Reports Region, Alternative1
    Sidebar Region
    Sidebar Region, Alternative1
    Wizard Region
    Wizard Region w/ Icon

Can I order a specific number of templates?

Yes, you can. If a specific type of template is not required, we create a reduced theme, without the unnecessary elements. In this case, the price of the project will be lower. On the other hand, if we are expected to build more templates than typically, we create an extended theme containing additional elements. In this case, the price of the project will be higher.

What are the lead times?

The lead time mainly depends on the complexity of the project and on our current workload. The average lead time does not exceed 3 weeks.


If you have not found an answer to your question, please contact us.